Environmental Pollution Protestation

environmental pollution

Siddhirganj is a mildly populated area. The most important thing about Siddhirganj is, this is the most important space among Narayanganj. That is why Siddhirganj Dot Com puts the safety of environment in highest priority. Siddhirganj Dot Com and Siddhirganj Youth Club (SYC) are working together so solve the environmental pollution problem. There are several types of pollutions going on in this area.

River Pollution:

The famous river Sitalakhya is being polluted by the exhaust of the local industries. The filth and chemical from the dying and textile industries, the heated water from the power plants are polluting the water of the river at a dangerous rate. Both the living beings in water and the people how use the water, are getting infected by the pollutants. The burned oil from the ships in the river is also polluting it heavily.

Air Pollution:

There are several kinds of power plants in Siddhirganj. Some of the use steam to produce the electricity. Some use the natural gas or coal. All of these types of power plants produce heavy black smoke which pollutes the air. The polluted air is so denser that it remains closer to the ground. It mixes with the breathing air. In this way people of the residential area nearby the power plants are in risk of health.

Sound pollution:

There are several types of mechanical workshops for vehicles situated in siddhirganj. These workshops create sound pollution because of which people are getting serious health problems like high blood pressure or heart attack.

What SYC will do in this regard:

Siddhirganj Youth Club is working to protect the environment of this area. The field members of SYC are collecting the necessary data to make a report on the environmental pollution in Siddhirganj. After completing this report will be submitted to DC and Police Station. The Siddhirganj Dot Com will make sure that social media will be broadcasting the news about pollutions and make the people aware about their right to breathe the clean air. Charge by the law agency will be brought upon the institutions or factories responsible for this pollutions.


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